11 Gorgeous Danish Models

Gaze upon these Scandanavian beauties from 100 Great Danes.

Bloodthirsty vikings, giant dogs, Bang & Olufsen audio, Borgen, Lars from Metallica and, of course, Legos. These are just a few of Denmark’s signature contributions to humankind. But above all else, the Scandanavian nation’s greatest exports are its famously beautiful women. 

With 100 Great Danes, (teNeues) photographer Bjarke Johansen created a fitting tribute to the lovely ladies of his native Denmark in the form of a striking coffee table book. Shot over a period of seven years, Johansen’s subjects included models, singers, actresses, artists and ridiculously attractive college students. 

Whoever they may be, these Danes are definitely great. 

Photos by Photo © 2015 Bjarke Johansen Photography. All rights reserved