15 Gorgeous Women Who Have Mastered the ‘Butt Over Back’ Shot

We can’t get enough of this booty-ful pose.

(Photos: Melissa Cartagena/Maxim Colombia & abigailratchford/Instagram)

“Back it up” may be a popular command in hip-hop, but what does it actually look like when put into practice?

Instagram bombshells like Abigail Ratchford and general superstars like Kim Kardashian have shown us, with the ingenious “butt over back” (B.O.B.) pose.

Here’s how it’s done: lay flat on your stomach and then pop your butt in their air (like you just don’t care) and then snap a photo head-on or from the side.

The effect emphasizes the rotundness of the butt, positioning it over the back and juxtaposing it against it against the flatness of the position.

It’s definitely not for belfie beginners. See 15 pros demonstrate how it’s done in the slideshow above.

h/t theCHIVE