2012 Hot 100 #1 Bar Refaeli Can’t Get a Date – Let’s Help Her!

By revisiting her Maxim cover shoot, naturally.

Today’s Daily News cover has quite the disturbing headline, about how Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli claims that she can’t get a date.

There are a lot of reasons why this is troubling news. First of all, even we occasionally get dates, and we look like this. But in the event that this isn’t some weird MantiT’eo style-hoax, we’d like to help the gorgeous winner of our 2012 Hot 100 poll solve this problem by doing our part to remind men everywhere of why they should be lining up around the block to ask her out. And it’s not just because of all the awesome pun possibilities that come with dating a woman named “Bar.” 

Here’s one reason. Here’s another. Here’s a third. Here are a lot more. Hopefully you’re beginning to get the idea. But just in case you’re still not sold, check out these sweet, sweet dance moves.


Photos by James Macari | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013