A Pillow Company Got 36 Models Together to Shoot the Epic Calendar of a Lifetime

Happy New Year, indeed.
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One of our favorite parts of New Year's Eve is welcoming a new bevy of beautiful women into our lives via a brand new calendar. There's the always-classy Pirelli calendar, Abigail Ratchford's sultry pin-up portfolio, Love magazine's scintillating video advent calendar — even that weird erotic carp calendar has its charm. Sure, we don't schedule our events on paper anymore, but there's nothing that softens the swift passage of time and the inevitability of death more than vivid photographs of beautiful women.

It's with a sense of strange surprise, then, that 2016's most saucy calendar doesn't come from a fashion brand or a magazine, but a pillow company.

In a brilliant viral marketing maneuver, pillow company Smile Pillows (lol) assembled 36 of the most popular models on Instagram for one massive, playful photo shoot. After all, a pillow company needs to have pillow fights, right? 

Check out Smile Pillows' Instagram for more sizzling photos and videos from the company's calendar shoot:

Want one for your workbench? You can learn more about how to order one here.

h/t Playboy