5 Things Heather Graham Wants You to Know About “Hangover Part III”

Our gorgeous cover girl gives us the exclusive skinny on the Wolfpack.

Our gorgeous cover girl gives us the exclusive skinny on the Wolfpack.

Get thee to a newsstand immediately to purchase the June issue of Maxim, which features gorgeousHangover Part IIIstar—and perennial crush—Heather Grahamon the cover. Wait! First watch what went on behind the scenes at her photo shoot. OK, now you can—hold on, one more thing! Check out this exclusive info Heather spilled about the blockbuster comedy (and herself). Thanks for being such good listeners, people.

1. She doesn’t spend all her free time with the Wolfpack.

I keep in touch with Bradley Cooper a bit, and sometimes I’ll run into Ed Helms, but it’s not like I’m calling them or hanging out with them all of the time. I really like them, though.”

2. Her character Jade’s baby—Carlos/Tyler—is played by the same actor as in the first movie.

When a baby works, I think they’re allowed to work an hour at a time, so we need to hire, like, four babies that all look similar. He was one of the babies who played Tyler. It’s cute, because his mom showed up and she had a picture of when we shot the first Hangover. She was like, ‘He’s already been to second base with you. He’s really a ladies man.’”

3. She’d rather be in Tulum, Mexico, than Las Vegas.

“I’d rather be on a beach than in a hotel where I can’t open a window. In Tulum I get to watch sea turtles being born! This probably isn’t fun for most people, but I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I carried the baby sea turtle into the ocean and watched it swim away.’”

4. She doesn’t have a celebrity crush.

“The thing is, I’ve been doing this a long time, so I’ve met a lot of my celebrity crushes, and when you meet them, they’re a real person. You can’t look at them like a fantasy anymore.”

5. Read this book to get her in the mood.

“It’s called Extended Massive Orgasmsby Steve and Vera Bodansky. There are lots of books about how women do these things for guys, but this has a big section on how guys do stuff for girls.”

The Hangover Part III opens May 23.

Photos by James Macari | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013