5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mackenzie “Ruthie” Rosman

Yes, she played Ruthie on 7th Heaven, but what else is there to know about this hottie?

We recently took some sexy pictures of former kid star Mackenzie Rosman, and everyone who grew up watching her as little Ruthie Camden on 7th Heaven was very pleasantly surprised. Yes, the cute, curly haired troublemaker is now a full-fledged babe. But don’t go thinking that’s all there is to know about her; we got her to reveal a few things that might surprise you once again.

She had a crush on 7th Heaven creator Aaron Spelling’s son.

“I remember Mr. Spelling to be one of the kindest men I’ve ever come across, and when I was a little kid I used to have a crush on his son, Randy. Whenever we had wrap parties I always wanted to dance with him. I was probably, like, 6, but I had lots of crushes on people when I was 6.”

She’s under 5 feet tall but likes tall guys.

“It’s really what’s inside that matters, but I definitely like tall people. I’m really short—a quarter inch away from being five feet tall—but I am naturally attracted to taller people. It’s pretty common, actually. A lot of the tall guys I know have really short girlfriends, and vice versa. My theory is that it’s nature’s way of having normal-size children.”

She has an awesome ride.

“I drive a Lotus Evora S. It’s sick, and I waited a year for it. I actually learned how to drive stick just so I could drive this car. I’ve had a lot of problems with it, but it’s really fun when it works.

She’s not a fan of clubs.

“I like going out, I just don’t see anything logical about waiting in line to be locked in a room that has too many people in it and no place to sit down and somebody just turned the volume up on the music really loud and they are charging you double for your drink and…you get the idea.”

She still can’t escape the 7th Heaven theme.

“It’s totally embarrassing when I get it stuck in my head, but it happens.” 

Photos by Carlos Nunez | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013