8 Reasons We Love Ronda Rousey, Straight From Her Reddit AMA

The drop-dead gorgeous UFC star reveals her love of buffalo wings, her favorite videogames, and what she really thinks of Mayweather.

Last night, the UFC Bantamweight Champion and nemesis of Do Nothing Bitches everywhere, Ronda Rousey, took to the Internet to answer all (well, some) of Reddit’s burning questions in a candid AMA. And what we discovered proves she’s always has been, and always will be, the woman of our dreams.

1. She won us over with chicken wings.

2. She doesn’t let the haters get to her.

3.  The two of you could spend hours playing

Mortal Kombat


4. …and

World of Warcraft…

5. …and Pokemon.

6. She promotes a healthy body image, and looks good doing it.

7. She’s an inspiration to kids struggling with speech disorders.

8. She thinks she could beat Mayweather in a no-rules fight—and we believe her.

Read the whole AMA here.

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Photos by Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images