8 Sexy Shots of Jon Lovitz's Surprisingly Gorgeous Girlfriend

We're not exactly sure what Jessica Lowndes sees in the 58-year-old 'SNL' vet, but he's one lucky guy.
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You can't argue with true love - even if this newly revealed couple is just downright odd. 90210 starlet Jessica Lowndes just took to social media to show off her latest arm candy (and possible fiancee), Jon Lovitz. The 58-year-old Saturday Night Live vet, who was recently announced as deceased on the long-running sketch show's 40th anniversary show, has more than 30 years on the 27-year old starlet and tweeted out at angry fans that they were just "jealous."

The stunning Canadian starlet has been keeping things in her career low key as of late, with her latest appearance alongside Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell in the Lifetime comedy spoof, A Deadly Adoption. Her instagram, on the other hand, has been as lively as ever, with shots of the bombshell brunette in every which angle you can imagine. 

We may not completely understand this mind-boggling May-December relationship, but it's safe to say that Lovitz is one lucky dude.

Check out a collection of Jessica's sexiest shots below: