9 Beautiful Women Run Through DeepDream Software

There’s sexy and then there’s Google DeepDream sexy.

Have you ever looked at a picture of a truly beautiful woman and thought—as the front of your pants tightened ever so slightly—“the only thing that would make this babe even more babely is if this photo of her was edited to look as if I were going through the worst acid trip of my life?” You, sir, are in luck.

Google DeepDream software, a program which feeds images to neural networks typically used in image recognition, (here’s a longer explanation from Google’s team) results in hallucinogenic outputs—many images run through DeepDream end up coming out with dog faces and fish (The internet, of course, loves this.) A few weeks back, DreamscopeAPP launched, allowing users to upload their own images and send them through a filter that would mimic the Google DeepDream experience. It was then that we realized what we were born to do.

Here at Maxim, we have no shortage of photos of beautiful, scantily clad women. And so we ran them through the DreamscopeAPP to produce a gallery of beautiful bikini models—but way different than you’re used to seeing them. If you can still jerk off to these, then a tip of the hat to you. Your horniness knows no bounds.