Instababe Abigail Ratchford is Paying Homage to 'Animal House' With Sexy New Merch Collection

John Belushi would definitely approve.
Abigail Ratchford Animal House Promo

The "COLLEGE" sweater John Belushi made so famous in 1978's Animal House is a must-have piece of apparel... if you're currently in college. But wearing it anytime after you've earned your degree makes you look like, well, a bit of a douchebag.

But if you still want to sport a shirt that pays homage to one of the world's first and best bro comedies, you can get one depicting none other than Instagram megastar Abigail Ratchford channeling Belushi's immortalized look for just $28. 

It's just one of many pieces of merch available through her Mancave collection, which she's releasing in partnership with photog JZL. You can also get shot glasses, posters and even skateboard decks embroidered with the social media smokeshow. 

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Head to Abigail's official website to shop around, and if you still aren't following her on Instagram, you are seriously missing out. Here's a sampling of some of her hottest recent hits: 

Oh, and here's the iconic scene from Animal House in case you need more inspiration: