Instababe Abigail Ratchford's Sexy 'Fantasy' Calendar Is Finally Here

Fulfill your fantasies every single month.
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Instagram superbabe Abigail Ratchford lit up your feed every day of 2016. But your 2017 can be blessed by even more Abigail, thanks to the release of her stunning new "Fantasy" calendar.

It's all in the name. For each month, the perilously curvaceous beauty acts out a number of "fantasy" scenarios, some inspired by Disney classics (Abigail in Wonderland, anyone?) and others her own fantastical creations (standing on a ladder coated in white henna, for instance).

In addition to serving up Abigail 12 months of the year, all calendars will be signed by Abigail herself. Simply write out what you want (keep it PG, fellas), and she'll leave you a customized note.

Even though Abigail's fantasies are priceless, the calendar is now available on her website for a mere $33.