Abigail Ratchford Talks Instagram Fame, Johnny Manziel, and How to Blow Her Mind In the Bedroom

The outrageously curvy bombshell is ready to take over the world.

We seriously can’t get enough of Abigail Ratchford on Instagram. The social media siren brightens even the dreariest of days with her skin-baring selfies, provocative poses, and a penchant for suggestively nibbling on fruit (see above). Hey, what’s not to like? 

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It’s no wonder the outrageously curvy bombshell has long been a Maxim favorite, and that she’s racked up nearly 5 million Instagram followers. Here, Abigail sounds off on Instagram fame, her plans to build a business empire, and how to blow her mind in the bedroom

So tell us how you managed to attract nearly five million Instagram followers.
Haha, it’s so crazy hearing that number! I feel like getting to the first million was a big milestone, then it was easy after that. I’ve gotten to that number by putting out videos I know will go viral, developing a relationship with TMZ, posting lots of hot pics, and sharing some of my normal life on there too.


Instagram bombshells with millions of followers are becoming a new brand of celebrity. Why do you think you’ve managed to stand out?
I feel like I don’t post things that aren’t true to myself. There are so many gorgeous girls are out there, but sometimes people will complain that they’re being bombarded with endorsements and promos when girls start posting for different brands and products nonstop. I try to mainly promote my own things–calendar, merchandise, swimsuit issue, etc. So when I do post a different kind of product, people know it’s genuinely something I support.


Tell us how you got started in modeling, where you grew up, and how did TMZ covering your “More Bounce to the Ounce” video transformed your career?
I was living in Pennsylvania and had no plans to go into modeling. I did a shoot for my friend who’s a photographer in Philly, and the pics from it ended up on all these men’s sites. I started to receive some attention and thought, “Hey, why not? Let me run with this.” So I started my social media accounts, started doing shoots more frequently, and my audience kept growing. Then I moved to L.A. in January 2014. The “More Bounce to the Ounce” video was huge for me. It went viral, and TMZ covering it brought me huge exposure. Plus, there have been so many funny remixes made too.


Have you ever been asked out by anyone famous on Instagram or Twitter? 
Haha, of course I have. Hmm… I try to not drop names.


You’ve been romantically linked to Johnny Manziel but said you two were just friends. Are you still in touch, and do you think he’ll stay sober?
Johnny and I haven’t been in touch lately because we both have been super busy. I do think he’ll stay sober. He’s a great kid and a tremendous talent. We’re all rooting for him.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since you became Instagram famous?
It’s still weird for me when people come up to me when I’m out and ask to take a picture with me. One fan waited outside of a place I was at all night to get a photo with me. Dedication!

What are the next steps in your modeling career? Are you trying to get into acting? Do you have any dream gigs?
My next steps career-wise hopefully are to expand into beauty. I’d like to do more beauty tutorials and BTS videos from my photo shoots, maybe come out with my own swim line, and build an empire.

Since you’re now a sex symbol, let us ask you this: what should a man always do in bed?
I like a man who takes control in bed and isn’t afraid to take charge. Also, foreplay and lots of kissing is way better than rushing to the main event.


What should he never do in bed?
A man should never be timid or rush through the foreplay to get right into the main event. You need to let the excitement build up.


What’s your perfect date?
My perfect date is going out for an awesome dinner or a concert, then coming home and talking outside on my outdoor rooftop area with cocktails. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to dates.

Is there any one thing a guy can do to make you fall for him?
I’d say when a guy pays attention to details, remembers certain things I mentioned I like, and then surprises me with that later on–like get tickets to see my favorite acts, make dinner reservations for my favorite restaurant, etc. I love when guys really listen.


What are your biggest turn offs?
Guys who think they have to lie to impress me, name drop, or talk about how much money they have. Just be yourself. I can see right through the facade.

What’s the one thing about you that no one knows?
I can’t swim. I used to take lessons when I was little, but I had to hold my nose under water and was just afraid of swimming in general for some reason. So I usually stick to the shallow end, haha.


Do you have any final words for Maxim readers?
Thank you guys for always supporting me and encouraging me in my career. I love the whole Maxim family and all Maxim’s readers and would love for you guys to continue to watch me as I follow my dreams and take my career to the next level in 2016-2017!


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