Abigail Ratchford Celebrated Her Instagram Anniversary With a Cavalcade of Eye-Popping Nude Pics

You don't want to miss these.

As of this week, Instagram star and hand-bra specialist Abigail Ratchford has has been blowing our minds with her titillating curves and unbelievable beauty on Instagram for four fantastic years.

To celebrate, the social media sensation re-posted her very first 'gram. Check it out here: 

Abigail recounted the early origins of her now-famous feed in the caption.

"I was working as a paralegal for my dad , I had no social media or anything and one day I did a photoshoot just for fun with my photographer friend in Philadelphia," she recalled. 

"The pics ended up all over the internet within a matter of days. From sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a month, to doing home features in the Los Angeles Times in under 3 years. Thank you all for following a small town girl from PA all the way to Hollywood to try and make it big." 

And make it big she did. In fact, her latest project is actually a non-profit nude photo book she and photographer TJ Scott shot in collaboration with the Fuck Cancer initiative to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. Check out some sample pics below, and buy it here.

We salute you and your hard-earned success, Abigail. Our lives just wouldn't be the same without glorious photos like these: 

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