Abigail Ratchford Has the Best Strategy For Dealing with Instagram Haters

Don't even think about trying to "slut shame" this beautiful bombshell.
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The number of incredibly lame internet trolls who spend their days deluging Instagram users' photos with insulting remarks seems truly incomprehensible, particularly in the case of outrageously gorgeous women like Abigail Ratchford. 

In a recent interview with Galore, the social media bombshell gave her recipe for combating trolls, body-shamers and other lowlife losers—she simply ignores them.

When asked about how she responds to all of the nasty things guys post on in her comments section, Ratchford served up the best possible advice:  

"I never address haters; I hate even saying that word... You can’t put yourself out there for millions of people to see and expect everyone to love you. I focus on all those who support me instead of those who try putting me down... These people want a response, they want to feel like you’ve acknowledged them even if its negative. I choose to ignore them, so they realize that they don’t affect my life and they’re only wasting their own time."

And for all of you who think that women who post suggestive Instagram shots are "sluts" or "attention whores," well, please die, but Ratchford has a message for you, too:

"I would be posting the same exact things If I had a private account with 10 followers. It just so happens that five million people decided to follow me. What I post is my choice, if you don’t like it, then unfollow me. It’s that simple," said Ratchford.

Preach! In the meantime, here's a reminder why Ratchford became such an Instagram star to begin with:

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