Abigail Ratchford Just Set Instagram on Fire With a Scorching Topless Pic

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Generous has many meanings. One is "showing a readiness to give more of something," another is "showing kindness toward others." 

A third meaning is "more plentiful than is usual or necessary." Let's face it: Abigail Ratchford is the definition of generous since she has us covered on all of these. 

The Instababe and Playmate has an active and involved Instagram presence and she kindly updates regularly with stunning pics showing off her plentiful assets. The stunning shot above had heads turning because it showed a different side of the model, more frank and naturalistic.

But that's Abigail, she knows how to keep things interesting—from some killer cosplay to making us forget even Gal Gadot for a moment

Check out more recent shots below, as well as some classics worth seeing a gain.