Abigail Ratchford Wants to Be Lara Croft for Halloween, and We Are Totally on Board

This is definitely a treat.


If you thought Angelina Jolie made for a sexy Tomb Raider, wait until you check out Abigail Ratchford’s version of the classic video game character. 

The bodacious Instababe gave Lara Croft’s signature braided pig tails and tan crop top a spin in a recent Instagram pic. 


“I might go as Lara Croft for Halloween,” she wrote. “What do you guys think I should be??” 

We already know Abigail makes for an insanely hot Wonder Woman. Her interpretation of any heroine would probably make our heads spin. 

Then again, so does every single one of her Instagram posts. Check out a sizzling sampling of her recent activity below: