Summer Comes Early Thanks to Abigail Ratchford's Boobtastic Poolside Shoot

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April is a cruel month. It's kind of warm, things are beginning to grow, but plenty of places still get snow and ice. It's stormy and can be depressing. Still, summer is suddenly much closer than it seemed in January or February. With her incredible new shoot at the pool, number one Instababe Abigail Ratchford makes us feel like it's already time for sun, sand, and barely-there bikini tops. 

What we love about Abigail is her creativity. She's paid homage to Animal House, fairy tales, and rock and roll. It's a perfect mix for the babe who is likely every hard-partying frat dude's fantasy club date.

Abigail has posted several instas since we last checked her out. Take them in below and then go shopping for beach gear today. Who knows? Once you finally make it to the pool, she might even be there.