Abigail Ratchford Scorches Instagram With Topless Shots in Bunny Ears

She knows how to keep us hooked.
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If this old world starts getting you down, you could do much worse than to head over to Abigail Ratchford's Instagram page for a while. She's been hard at work on a calendar for the coming year but still finds time to be generous with her Insta shots, such as when she recently revealed this incredible painted-on polka dot bikini

We loved that and her lingerie selfies, sure, but the bunny ears in a pair of topless pics she recently posted really completed the perfect picture. They were vintage Abigail too—playful and silly yet off-the-charts hot. 

One thing about Abigail, she knows how to keep us checking in, eager to see what else she has in store. 

She certainly looks like she's got something up her sleeve. Whatever that is, we're here for it.

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