Actress Jeannette McCurdy Hints Her Sexy Photos Were Leaked By Detroit Piston Andre Drummond

Get out the hot sauce, because things are about to get spicy.

If you thought graduation was the last time you’d have to hear about high school drama, you obviously don’t follow the NBA dating circuit. In an episode of Pete Holmes’ aptly named (and hilarious) podcast You Made it Weird, former Disney actress Jeannette McCurdy, 21, said that her week-long fling with Pistons center Andre Drummond was ended, at least in part, due to the baller being an incompatible kisser (this is when the high school kids yell “AWWW SNAP”).

It was not too much later that three lingerie photos of McCurdy hit the internet (“Whattttt?!”). We have more tact than to post them here, but if you’re interested in seeing them, may we direct you to  

McCrudy lashed out with a not-so-subtle tweet throwing shade at the person who may have leaked the photos. (“Oh no, you didn’t!”)

To which Drummond responded (“Oh, double snap”):

Really, Andre? If you were really focused on basketball, would the Pistons be 24-36? (“Yo Dre, you got served.”)

Photos by Getty Images for KCA