Agent Provocateur Unveils New Lingerie Line With Sultry 'Pump Up the Jam' Dance Video

Pump it up.
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Technotronic's classic banger "Pump Up the Jam" is a fitting soundtrack for a sexy new video hyping Agent Provocateur's Spring/Summer lingerie collection. 

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The British luxury lingerie brand's sizzling video stars ballerina Kylie Shea performing a solo routine to the 1989 dance floor hit.

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Shea is joined by a scantily-clad crew that executes some equally mesmerizing moves dreamed up by Danielle Polanco. The renowned choreographer has previously collaborated with the likes of Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. 

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“The lyrics, and their meaning of letting go and setting the floor on fire, encapsulate the message of the season and the feeling that AP brings to any situation,” says Agent Provocateur Creative Director Sarah Shotton. 

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“We really wanted that energy to come across in the campaign, so we hired an amazing troop of 22 female professional dancers. The aim was to showcase a group of talented, strong women with diverse body types.”

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AP says the lacy garments featured in its latest line, which includes a delicate "Phoebe" two-piece, a 1980s-inspired "Laurella" swimsuit and the leopard-embellished "Indiana," allow for movement and expression in case you feel the urge to "pump it up." 

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The Agent Provocateur Spring/Summer collection is available now online

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