Air New Zealand In-Flight Safety Video Stars Sexy S.I. Swimsuit Models

We don’t think “getting up and moving around the cabin” will be an issue anymore.

Call up your travel agent, because your in-flight safety message just got way more interesting. Apparently New Zealand is not all Hobbits and Orcs; there are some stunning beaches there too, and in turn, some stunning swimsuit models. (There are models at all beaches, right? We haven’t seen the sun since 1995.)

Air New Zealand has capitalized on this in a way that we furiously wish all airlines would: producing a safety video that stars bikini-clad Sports Illustrated models. Hannah Davis, Chrissy Teigen, Ariel Meredith, and Maxim favorite Jessica Gomes make an appearance in the video, and we’re willing to bet that tray tables have never been stowed and locked faster. Just don’t show this to the Maxim brass upstairs – they might catch on to why we keep trying to justify taking business trips to New Zealand.