WATCH: Albuquerque Bar Erupts When Holly Holm Defeats Ronda Rousey

Everyone lost it over their hometown fighter’s surprising victory.

Few expected Holly Holm to outright own Ronda Rousey in Saturday’s UFC 193 bantamweight title match. But you’d never know that from watching this video out of New Mexico.

Folks from Holly Holm’s training base and hometown of Albuquerque gathered at a local bar to watch their pride and joy take on the once-undefeated Rousey. When Holm made UFC history by knocking out Rousey with a well-placed kick to the head, the bar completely erupted.

Below, watch the moment Holm’s hometown witnessed the UFC’s most shocking shakeup yet:

Present at the bar were UFC fighters Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Paul Felder, who both train out of the same gym as Holm. Cerrone is the dude losing his shit in the cowboy hat.

While we’re sad to see our girl Rousey lose her crown, it’s easy to understand the Team Holly fervor from those who know her. Contact sports drama is nothing without the occasional shocking victory from an underdog.


Thomas Freeman