Instagram Superstar Alexis Ren Just 'Size Shamed' Her Ex-Boyfriend on Twitter

He didn't measure up.
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Before pursuing a solo career taking bikini selfies on Instagram, model Alexis Ren travelled the world with her shaggy-haired boyfriend Jay Alvarrez. Together, they filmed insane #travelporn videos and lit up the Internet with their #relationshipgoals Instagrams.

But none of the filters or skydiving excursions could hide the truth: She claims that Jay is packing a baby carrot. 

Although the perennially tanned and well-lit couple broke it off sometime last year, Alexis has finally broken her silence on Twitter... in a poison-pen string of diss Tweets. She alleged he was self-seeking, a "fuckboy" and—in the worst possible insult to give a man—that he had a tiny weenis.

It seems Alexis is finally over the breakup and onto bigger and better things now.

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