Instababe Alexis Ren Flashed Her Lunch, and We'll Never Look at Kale Salad the Same Way Again

This is how you take a photo of your food.
Alexis Ren Promo

Normally, we'd say people who post pics of their meals to Instagram are hopelessly basic. But our opinions were swayed after we saw how Alexis Ren prepares to chow down in the photo below. 

The Instagram bombshell has been on a serious roll lately posting saucy photos left and right. She recently treated her 9 million followers to her first ever belfie...

...and she's made action sports look hotter than ever thanks to a clip of her mooning the camera while skateboarding and this photo of her parked on an ATV in nothing but a white bikini.

If we had one complaint, it's that she Alexis doesn't post enough. We'll never tire of looking at fiery photos like these: 

h/t: Barstool Sports 

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