Watch Instababe Alexis Ren Rock a Tight White Bikini in New Chainsmokers Video

Wait, there's music playing too?

The days of crafting a mesmerizing music video to accompany an emerging artist's latest hit vanished when MTV abandoned the "M" and cycled in shows about teenage pregnancy, or whatever it is they do now. 

That's why we're happy to see that The Chainsmokers continue to put at least a little effort into the no-longer-vital medium. And for their catchy new single, "Paris," they've taken some artsy shots of the unbelievably gorgeous Instagram model Alexis Ren

Like the tune, it's not exactly what you'd call high art but it's quite well-done. And again, it has Alexis Ren in it. Do you really need another reason to watch? 

And since it's been a while since we've checked in on Alexis' scorching feed, here's a sampling of her sexiest recent shots: 

h/t: COED