Alexis Ren Won Christmas With Her ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ Costume

This scorching pic will keep you in the holiday spirit.

Alexis Ren hz spd 2
Photo: Gilles Bensimon/Maxim

Alexis Ren spiced up her Instagram followers’ Christmas morning with sultry photo that was definitely more naughty than nice. 

The former Maxim cover model wore her version of a classic “Santa’s little helper” costume, i.e. a Santa hat and a tiny thong, for anyone who’s keeping track.

Unsurprisingly, the festive photo racked up over 800,000 likes in less than a day. It’s definitely Ren’s most obvious holiday-themed post of the year, but she’s been wearing seasonal red lingerie, blouses and parkas since Thanksgiving.

The Instagram bombshell and former Dancing With the Stars finalist truly looks amazing in anything, whether she’s rocking a hoodie and thong for a photo shoot or donning a slinky dress while wowing judges on the reality TV show.

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