Up All Night with Nina Agdal and Ciara

We spoke to the super model and the sexy singer about how they spend their nights off.

Want to know how Nina Agdal and Ciara spend their weekends? We caught up with the gorgeous Danish model and sexy songstress at Bebe’s 9-to-5 launch party Wednesday night to find out just what they get up to between those hours. And for you squares out there, that’s 9pm to 5am.


It’s Friday, where can we find you between those hours?

Well if I’m not in the airport, which, unfortunately I am a lot, then I’m definitely hanging out with my girlfriends. We’ll go for a nice dinner, have a couple of drinks, and then head out.

Where do like to go?

It really depends on what I’m drinking. If I’m having wine or beer I enjoy going to a bar where you can talk. I’m also really good at drinking games and those only work at bars or house parties. But if I’m drinking vodka or cocktails, then I’ll usually go out to a club.

So what kind of drink would prefer for a guy to send over?

That depends on if I have a photo shoot the next morning. If I don’t, it’s a beer. I got really into beer recently and now that’s all I want to drink, to be honest. I love an ice cold Presidente.

Nice. What song will get you up on the dance floor at 2am?

I really like Calvin Harris’ music. He’s a good friend of mine as well and I love the song “Thinking About You.” It’s not that new, actually, but it just puts me in a good mood.

What‘s the best thing to eat after a night of partying?

Anything at a diner! My friends know that I eat like a football team, so we’ll go to a diner and literally order one thing from every section of the menu and end up eating it all and regretting it the next day, but, in the moment it’s enjoyable.

I mean, if it’s between going to bed with the spins or eating a plate of fries…

The fries. If it’s either have a carb attack or be sick, it’s always the carb attack.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened between 9pm-5am?

Well my best friend was drunk on a trampoline one night and he fell and really hurt his head. No one really noticed at first and we were joking around and I actually locked him out of the house. Then all of a sudden I notice there’s blood flooding down his face and he literally has a hole in his head. So I rush him to the hospital and he’s totally wasted and starts trying to drink the ethanol! Then his nurse comes in and it’s a really cute, young blonde and he is just completely hitting on her. I’m there like, oh my God, this guy doesn’t even realize he has a hole in his head. Finally his mom came and took over, but yeah, that was the craziest night.

At least it wasn’t you!

Thankfully I was just the witness! I’m pretty good at not hurting myself, even if I’ve had a few drinks.

Final question: if you could spend 9-5 in any city in the world, where would you be?

Copenhagen. I mean you can ride your bike home from the bars!


So in the spirit of 9-5, where can we find you between those hours?

Can I be very honest with you?

Yes…In bed?

Yes, I’m in bed! I really like to get my sleep whenever I can. Plus I’m very chill. So either you can find me eating a nice restaurant or in bed.

What’s your favorite place to get a late-night bite then?

I love this place in LA called Crustacean where they have these amazing noodles. Another spot I like is The Boiling Crab. That’s a really fun spot. They have sheets on the tables and they just put the crab right there and you crack it and eat and mix it with all these crazy Cajun-ish sauces and it’s so tasty. You can also watch sports there, which I love.

So what team who would you want to watch on a Saturday night?

It’s funny because I don’t have just one team. I’m more of a fan of individuals cause I feel like there’s just so much amazing talent in football and basketball right now and it’s spread all over. You’ve got Derrick Rose with the Chicago Bulls, Kobe Bryant is just Kobe Bryant, and then you’ve got Carmelo Anthony with the New York Knicks, so I can’t just pick one team. I love watching a great game.

Got it. If you could be anywhere in the world between 9pm-5am, where would you be?

Paris. I don’t go out very often, and I had such an amazing experience there. I went to Fashion Week, saw some shows, and then at night I went over to Naomi Campbell’s place to hang out. Then we went to one of these places where you eat and suddenly it transforms into a dance floor. So they turned this spot into a nightclub just for us. Then Ne-yo came over with some other friends that happened to be in the city and it was just great. Fun things like that can only happen in Paris. It’s so sexy.

As a singer, what’s the song that gets you to go crazy on the dance floor?

“Bugatti” by Ace Hood and Future. That’s the one. I just love that song.  

Photos by Brad Barket / Getty Images Entertainment | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013