Aly Raisman Proves That Strong Is Sexy In Her Amazing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video


Aly Raisman Promo
Image: YouTube/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

The sight of Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Aly Raisman’s beautifully chiseled physique in her new Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos blew us all away. Now, there’s a behind the scenes video to accompany the sexy shots. Check it out above. 

In the clip, Raisman recalls being ridiculed at a young age for her muscular build, but explained that in adulthood she’s become proud of her shredded physique.

“When I was younger in sixth or seventh grade, all the boys used to make fun of me for being too strong,” Raisman says.

“But as i’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that being strong and being muscular is what makes me one of the best gymnasts in the world, so it’s something that I’ve learned to love about myself.”  

Strong really is sexy, isn’t it?