Alyssa Arce Stunned Instagram With This Incredibly Hot Slow-Motion Shower Video

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It's been way too long since we checked out the Instagram of hottie Alyssa Arce

This southern girl may have a thriving modeling career but she is still happy to share some incredible videos and photos on social media. The slo-mo shower video above is just one example—and a killer one at that. 

Fact is, this particular video was apparently a little too much for some of the 25-year-old's followers, but we can't really understand why. It's a work of art, worth watching a few times in a row.

We're pretty sure Alyssa is going to do whatever the hell she wants, even if some don't approve. Her Insta is plenty of proof that not only does she know what she's got, she doesn't give a damn if anyone disapproves of how she displays it. That's kind of badass, too. 

Enjoy more from her below. 

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