Instagram Belfie Queen Amanda Lee on Living With a Famous Backside

The Instagram “butt star” has 11 million followers and makes $20K per post, but she says there’s a downside to her celebrity.

Fitness model Amanda Lee has been called a belfie queen for her bountiful backside selfies, which have earned her over 11 million followers on Instagram.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, she revealed that she makes in the high six figures for all her sponsored content (around $20K per post)… and even revealed a few tricks of the trade.

Lee said that after a shoot, she spends 10 minutes choosing the right shot and another 10 minutes editing and filtering.

“It’s funny how you can really enhance the way your butt looks with certain angles and lighting,” she said. “I’ll take like a hundred photos just to get the perfect one.”

Even though she’s had breast implants and botox, she insists her butt is all natural—the result of hitting the gym five days a week, 90 minutes per session.

“I was obsessed with the whole butt thing before it became popular,” Lee said, attributing hers to squats, lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts and box jumps

“If I’m not sore after,” she added, “I feel like I didn’t do anything.”

Still, the buxom blonde explained that she suffers from the pressure to look “perfect” 24/7.

“Once I got all the followers, I reevaluated things — like, is this really me?” she said. “For my mental health, I don’t want to get so wrapped up in perfection. I want to be more confident in myself without trying so hard.”

Part of it stems from her upbringing in Beverly Hills, where image reigns supreme.

“It’s basically the Instagram of real life,” she said of her childhood in the 90210. “Everyone is perfect. Everyone has designer clothes and a brand-new Range Rover at age 16.”

But she makes it look so easy. 

See some more of Amanda Lee’s hottest Instagram shots, here.

h/t The Smoke Room