Amber Heard Just Might Be the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, According to Science

It’s simple math: the actress is the pinnacle of beauty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a recent scientific study of celebrities’ facial features suggests that beauty can be more specifically defined. Amber Heard, currently in the middle of a nasty split with husband Johnny Depp, takes the crown as having the most attractive face. 

Dr. Julian de Silva, a British plastic surgeon, measured specific features of celebrities’ faces and applied the “Golden Ratio” to determine an objective ranking of beauty. Found in everything from the Great Pyramids to the shape of seashells, the “Golden Ratio”, roughly 1.62, was created in Greece thousands of years ago to quantify beauty. It uses features such as the correlation between eye size and distance between the eyes to determine an objective beauty score. 

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The results were a who’s who of A-List stunners:
1) Amber Heard (91.85%)
2) Kim Kardashian (91.39%)
3) Kate Moss (91.06%)
4) Emily Ratajkowski (90.8%)
5) Kendall Jenner (90.18%)
6) Helen Mirren (89.93%)
7) Scarlett Johansson (89.82%)
8) Selena Gomez (89.57%)
9) Marilyn Monroe (89.41%)
10) Jennifer Lawrence (89.24%)

In addition to the overall scores, Dr. de Silva also released the winners in a number of categories, including:

Most Beautiful Nose: Amber Heard

Most Beautiful Eyes: Scarlett Johansson

Most Beautiful Lips: Emily Ratajkowski

Most Beautiful Eyebrows: Kim Kardashian

Most Beautiful Chin: Amber Heard

These superlatives may be open to debate, who are we to argue with science? Especially when our own eyes seem to support the study’s results!