Instagram Bombshell Amberleigh West Just Shared a Ton of Ridiculously Hot Nudes

Damn, girl.

We first noticed model Amberleigh West after she starred in a video that showed exactly how sexy eating s'mores can be. I mean, who woulda thunk it? 

Now, the sweets-loving stunner has teamed up with fashion photographer Gregorio Campos for a series of truly sultry black and white nudes. 

Just take a look and see for yourself.  

You can probably tell by the quality of this shoot that Amberleigh has mastered the art of posing for erotic boudoir pics without raising the ire of buzzkill Instagram censors.

Hey, she's posted plenty of them before... 

Considering Amberleigh looks this good naked, it's no surprise that she cleans up pretty well when wearing clothes, too.

If you want even more Amberleigh, there's always this Playboy video to check out as well.  

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