Watch Model Amberleigh West Eat a S'more in the Nude, Because You Deserve It

The campfire treat has never looked so satisfying.
Amberleigh West

Ah, S'mores. Just the thought of the gooey chocolate campfire staple brings everyone back to their childhood. Unless of course it's being nibbled on by a smoking-hot model, in which case it becomes something a little less innocent. 

In the latest three-part installment of clips from director Chris Applebaum's "EATS" series, we have the pleasure of gazing upon the beautiful Amberleigh West as she suggestively snacks on the desert in the raw. It's truly a sight to behold. 

We don't know exactly how the lyrical content of grunge pioneers Alice In Chains' "Them Bones" fits in with the videos, but it sounds awesome and we don't care. 

But guys, we've got even more great news. Amberleigh seems to have thing for posting tasteful nude photos on her Instagram account. You definitely will want to give her a follow after seeing the sampling below. 

And for the umpteenth time, give Applebaum a follow as well.