Meet Maxim India’s Bombshell Cover Model, Amy Jackson

The British beauty, already huge in India, is ready to take over the world.


(Photo: Maxim India)

We know what you’re thinking: Shouldn’t the cover girl of Maxim India, Amy Jackson, be more… um… Indian?

Well, India’s thriving Bollywood industry has garnered such international acclaim, it now attracts young hopefuls from across the globe, much in the way Hollywood does. Brunette British stunner Amy Jackson is among the first stars to ride a wave of reverse migration, building a prominent modeling and acting career in India rather than her native England.

See her fiery Maxim India photo shoot, below:

It’s just one of the many fascinating discoveries we’ve made while thumbing through or international editions, like Maxim Mexico and Maxim South Africa.

Below, get familiar with the British Bollywood star with 10 of her sexiest Instagram shots: