Happy Birthday, Andie MacDowell

The talented actress and fashion model’s still got it. Just take a look if you don’t believe us.

Look, we’ll admit it: It’s difficult to put the allure of Andie MacDowell into words. Sure, she’s not a model in the sense of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, or even like one of the thousands of Instagram models we subject you to on a daily basis (sorry). And she’s not conventionally beautiful in the way that, say Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson are, all curves and collarbones and red carpet glow.

No, MacDowell’s beauty is that of a coquettish ingenue, a knowing girl next door with a wry smile and a playful side hidden amid her piercing gaze who caught our eye in every major movie of the 1980s. She struck us dead in Sex, Lies, and Videotape and captured our hearts (and Bill Murray’s) as the leading lady in existential mindfuck Groundhog Day. She knocked us deal during her stint modeling for Calvin Klein and gracing the cover of Vogue. And just as importantly, her beauty is timeless — just take a look at the photos above, and it’s as though she hasn’t aged a day.

Happy birthday, Andie. You may be 58 today, but your beauty is forever.