Anger Management’s Noureen DeWulf

We ask the Anger Management hottie what pisses her off, and then gaze lovingly at her half-naked Maxim video.

We ask the Anger Management hottie what pisses her off, and then proceed to gaze lovingly at her half-naked Maxim video.

What makes you angry these days?

Oh, just all the politics and injustices in the world, and basically every other topic that I’ve been warned against discussing.

You are married to pro hockey player Ryan Miller. Hockey’s a pretty angry game—how do you like it?

I love watching hockey. I love the passion and excitement in the arena during a game. I’m one of my husband’s biggest fans. When I’m in the stands, I’m screaming and acting crazy with the best of them! I probably have as much adrenaline as some of the players. I used to love watching the fights when these tough guys threw off their gloves. I was really into it. But now that so many players are my friends, I get scared for them and I don’t want to see them get injured. But there’s something about it that still gets me going a little. I can’t help it.

Your guy is a hard-knock goalkeeper. Is that toughness something you look for in a man?

I’d rather have a man with a fake tooth than an actor who wears makeup! I like my man to be manly. I have enough emotions for everyone, so I don’t look for that as much as I enjoy being with my opposite.

Lacey, your character on Anger Management, describes herself as “too sexual” for her boyfriends. Do you and she have that in common?

Is there such a thing as being “too sexual,” according to guys? I beg to differ with the writers of my show. I’ve never heard a man complain about that!

Agreed. What do you think is your hottest feature?

My hair’s always been pretty good to me, so I’d say that, but men seem to stare at my décolletage. So I guess it’s a toss up.

It probably goes without saying that we love your skimpy on-screen outfits. Is that also how you dress off-screen? What might you wear to seduce a guy?

There is something attractive about a mystery. I’ve learned that a little more as I’ve gotten older. I dress more conservatively now than I ever have. I think seduction is as much mental as it is physical, especially for women. But some nice French lingerie underneath your clothes doesn’t hurt either, I suppose. Guys like lingerie—or I guess they like what it implies.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I’m the girliest girl when I’m at home. I basically just love to giggle about and do things that please me. Things that would bore your readership, such as shopping, reading, going to the beach, and bubble baths…Oh, and lying in bed and watching the news. See—you’re bored. 

Not at all—the idea of you in a bubble bath is far from dull. How much fun do you have making Anger Management?

It is really fun. But also hard work! We shoot two episodes a week so we shoot twice as fast as other comedies.

What’s it like to work with the legend that is Charlie Sheen?

He is definitely a legend. I couldn’t ask for a more interesting or charismatic co-star. I really do enjoy him.

Are you “winning”? (Ugh, sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves.) Any good on-set Sheen stories to share?

Every on-set experience with Charlie is a good one to share, but I cannot divulge, I’m sorry. Let’s just say, yes, we are all winning. Well, we are trying. He is winning, I am attempting. ATTEMPTING!

Your parents are originally from India. Have you ever visited? Would you consider a Bollywood role?

Yes, I’ve been, and I really love India. But I think I might be too Westernized for Bollywood. Maybe if the right script comes about. It sounds like it could be fun. 

What’s up for you next? Will there be more Anger Management?

Well, I just did a supporting role in David Wain’s new film, They Came Together (with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler), and yes, there will be more AM. We just got a pick-up for 90 more episodes so I guess Lacey will be around for quite some time, and I really don’t mind. She’s the perfect character for me to release all my angst into. Without her, I only have the gym to work out my anger, and that’s no fun for anyone.

Noureen can currently be seen in Anger Management on Comedy Central UK.

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