Anna Kendrick Is Our Favorite In This Hilarious “Conan” Interview

From being molested by Katy Perry to being a douche at Sundance, this lady is the best.

You may remember mega talent Anna Kendrick from her roles in 50/50, Drinking Buddies, and Up In the Air, but with her appearance on Conan this week, we are officially fans for life. She talked primarily about Beyonce, Jay Z, and presenting at the Grammys. Then, she got to the good stuff and told Conan that her cleavage was finger-banged by Katy Perry. Let’s all take a second to imagine that. Thanks, Anna. Check out that interaction below…

Next, she went on to talk about her three films at Sundance and what a “douche” she was, and also talked about her hilarious beer commercial with Newcastle. And here’s that conversation…

So, to recap:

1. Anna Kendrick is gorgeous, funny, and extremely talented.

2. She worships Beyonce as much as the common people.

3. She got her boobs fondled by Katy Perry.

4. She likes brown ale. 

5. She knows what being a douche is.

We are officially in love, and salute you, Ms. Kendrick.