Anna Kournikova is Back on the Market! Let’s Revisit Her Many Shoots With Maxim

Because she’s really the sexiest Russian since Boris Yeltsin, and we should all celebrate this development.

So, yeah,

Anna Kournikova

may be single.

According to recent reports

, the tennis beauty has called it quits on her 12-year relationship with Enrique Iglesias. That’s too bad – for Enrique. For the rest of us? YES! (As if any of us have a chance, but still…) Anna is one of


‘s favorites. She’s cool as shit, she’s a jock, and she looks like…well, why don’t we just take this opportunity to celebrate what she looks like:,AAABnwxt8sE~,TdyFq09iMr7kioKT_wX2C8w8xLyk5_f2&bctid=1853938571001,AAABnwxt8sE~,TdyFq09iMr7kioKT_wX2C8w8xLyk5_f2&bctid=1844118086001,AAABnwxt8sE~,TdyFq09iMr7kioKT_wX2C8w8xLyk5_f2&bctid=1854067192001

Photos by Jeff Olson | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013