Anna Kournikova Was Body Shamed on Instagram for Being ‘So Skinny’

Haters criticized the 37-year old tennis star after she showed off her bikini body.

Anna Kournikova (7)
(Photo: Maxim)

Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova is the latest celebrity victim of body shaming after she posted a short clip of herself dancing on a table in a bikini and high heels in what appears to be a photo shoot.

Haters were quick to swoop in and comment on her slender figure, saying she looks too thin and “boyish.”

“Why are u so skinny? R u ok?” one user asked.

Another spread the hate with this nasty run-on sentence: “You’ve lost so much fat and body mass you’ve got no chest and you’ve got the body of a boy and you’re going to suffer for this when you get older with brittle bones.”

“What happened to the fit body she use to have….she is so skinny now it doesn’t look healthy at all….I mean doesnt anyone else see that?” another user added.

(Photo: Maxim)

But others defended the 37-year old mother of two.

“This is nothing but a healthy body and she is freaking rocking it…stop being haters and spread the love,” a fan wrote.

(Photo: Maxim)

“All these idiots giving out nutrition advice while they hoover down takeaway and attack anyone in shape, like they have any fucking idea what theyre talking about. Sucks to be you massive losers.”

We agree. Considering she just had twins in December 2017, Kournikova looks amazing. As usual, trolls don’t know what they’re talking about.