April Rose Gets Picked Up

Can the average guy pick up a Maxim model?

Can the average guy pick up a Maxim model?


Is chivalry completely dead? In this fast-paced world, are men willing to stop what they’re doing to help a damsel in distress? We asked April Rose, host of Maxim.com’s “Maximum Exposure,” to help us find out. She faked breaking a heel and asked passersby if they’d carry her to her destination, which turned out to be farther than they expected. Our hidden camera caught a bunch of jerks who ignored her pleas, a few noodle-armed ninnies (like this guy at right) who only managed half a block before giving up, and some heroes who really went for it. We salute all you gentlemen who restored our faith in gallantry, in return for nothing but the chance to smell April’s hair when she wasn’t looking.

The Sexy Set Up

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

The Carrier Pigeons

Guy #1

He went a respectable distance, despite already being weighed down by a large package. (Easy, girls, he’s a messenger.)

Distance traveled: 2 blocks

Guy #2

This mystery man silently performed his duty, then ran off before April could even thank him. Was that the not-very-strong Batman?

Distance traveled: 1½ blocks

Guy #3

This foreign fellow walked the farthest (mostly because he got lost and went around the same block twice). Well done!

Distance traveled: 4 blocks