Ariana Grande Has Dethroned Selena Gomez as The Most Followed Woman on Instagram

Let’s celebrate this very important landmark with Grande’s 20 greatest ‘grams.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

With 146 million Instagram followers, pop princess Ariana Grande is officially the most followed woman on the social media platform.

Previously, Selena Gomez had the most followers of any woman on Instagram, but thanks to 13 million new followers in the past four months, the “7 Rings” singer just seized the throne.

According to Billboard, as of Tuesday morning, Grande and her “Japanese Finger BBQ” tattoo have 146,391,669 followers, as opposed to Gomez’s 146,303,811. A close match, but the numbers don’t lie.

To honor this virtual victory, let’s take a look at Ariana Grande’s 20 sexiest ‘grams.

1. Looking angelic in feathers:

2. Striking a cheeky pose in-concert:

3. Stunning even when she’s not doing anything:

4. Channeling her inner cheerleader in the music video for “Thank U, Next”:

5. And again:

6. Looking oh-so comfortable:

7. She takes incredible selfies:

8. Probably thinking about her 146 million followers:

9. Another concert, another pose:

10. No one else can make jeans and a white tank look this good:

11. Flawless:

12. Being pensive:

13. Showing off how long her ponytail is:

14. A modern Cinderella, but on the floor:

15. You know what the song “Side To Side” is really about, right?

16. It doesn’t look like she can take that car for a spin:

17. Gorgeous sideways, too:

18. Sweet and innocent:

19. Texting her Nonna:

20. The perfect Regina George from Mean Girls in the Thank U, Next Video

But let’s not forget about the former Instagram Queen who always does her best to inspire her fans, so here are a few of Selena Gomez’s finest posts, just because.