Watch Arianny Celeste Strike Sultry Poses in This Sizzling Behind-the-Scenes Lingerie Video

Good Lord.

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste is a total knockout in this sexy behind-the-scenes video from her recent shoot with photographer Gregorio Campos. 

Her choice of purple lingerie makes it nearly impossible to watch the hypnotic clip just once, not that we're complaining. 

Since the Octagon's reigning round card carrier officially made her first million back in March, Arianny has been busy enjoying her hard-earned fortune. She let the sun rays bronze her bikini-clad body in the Bahamas... 

...and celebrated Cinco de Mayo with this incredible pic: 

Luckily, she hasn't let all of the fun times stop her from continuing to curate a killer Instagram feed. Check out her latest and greatest photos below: 

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