No-Bra Goddess Ariel Winter Just Struck Again, Silencing Body Shamers Once and for All

No bra, no problem.

Ariel Winter Promo
Photo: Getty Images

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is waging a war against body shamers—exposing more and more of her body in a quest to take down the patriarchy.

Her latest move was sly and calculated: the posting of a braless shot accompanied by a smirking cat emoji. What aforementioned emoji means we do not know for sure… but we can only suspect it was a bold-faced “You cannot fuck with me, haters.”

The 19 year old just revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that her crusade began at an early age… and it isn’t about to stop.

“I was completely flat and would get ridiculed for that,” Winter said of when Modern Family premiered when she was just 11. 

“I started trying to dress for my body and was called a slut or a fat hooker. It got even worse as I was turning 13, 14, 15. It really took so much of my self-esteem.”

Her self-esteem has since rebounded… and then some. Here, her sexiest, most self-assured shots on Instagram:

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