Ariel Winter Just Dropped a Full-On Butt Shot on Instagram, and Don’t Even Think of Shaming Her

Haters, tread lightly.

If sight of a beautiful, empowered woman hitting Instagram with a butt shot upsets you in any way, then read no further.

For Ariel Winter, the body-positive wunderkind and Modern Family star, just did exactly that: share with her Instagram devotees an image of her string bikini-clad derrière.

“Had the best time in Vancouver with my babe,” Ariel captioned the post, which would explain the random lame-o taking up her precious Instagram space. “Super lucky.”

No Ariel, we are the lucky ones. Alas, not everyone sees it that way.

Ariel has come up against countless “slut shamers” in the past, who wantonly accuse her of showing too much skin. 

What on earth could they be talking about…?

From the look at the rest of her Instagram, she may be guilty of showing a heck of a lot of skin on the ‘gram. But from our standpoint, that is nothing to be “shamed” for.


Maxim Staff