Ariel Winter Just Slammed a ‘Fake News’ Report That She Gives Her Much Older Boyfriend an Allowance

“Get your shit straight.”

Nineteen-year-old Ariel Winter may be in a relationship with a man ten years her senior, but she’s still battling rumors that she’s a sugar momma.

The Modern Family star just slammed “trash” Star magazine over a “fake news” report that she gives her older boyfriend an allowance for his affection.

Read her full tirade, which was posted to Instagram, below.

The Star report quoted an anonymous “source” that claimed Winter is the “breadwinner” and that she “wants to let Levi take care of her too, even if it’s with her own money.”

“Some of Ariel’s friends worry that she’s throwing too much cash his way,” the debunked source alleged. “Why would he go on auditions when he can stay home and still collect a paycheck?”

“He treats her like a princess, which they’ve joked is a full-time job,” the source added.

It’s a salacious scoop no doubt, but Ariel sounds adamant.

Below, see Ariel giving zero fucks about the rumors.


Maxim Staff