Ariel Winter Fans Destroy Troll Who Criticized Her ‘Sexy’ Fashion Sense

When will they learn?

Ariel Winter Promo
Getty Images

Ariel Winter was criticized yet again for being too sexy, and this time it was her fans who shut the troll down. 

It all started when the Modern Family actress’ co-star, Sarah Hyland, posted a photo of the pair together at Variety’s annual Power of Young Hollywood event. She captioned it with a joke about the on-screen sisters’ style.

“Alex & Haley Dunphy… wait. Haley & Alex Dunphy… we play each other on television,” Hyland wrote. 

On the Emmy Award-winning show, Winter plays a conservatively dressed Alex Dunphy, while Hyland’s Haley Dunphy wears edgier, often more revealing clothing. But their real-life fashion senses are opposite those of their characters, as Winter pointed out in a comment on Hyland’s post. 

“I’m Alex with Haley’s [the character played by Hyland] fashion sense,” Winter wrote before posting another photo of the head-turning dress.

Enter the troll, who tried to tell Winter that she’d be “so much more comfortable and confident” in modest attire, according to Fox News.  Her fans didn’t hesitate to step in. 

“Let her be what she wants and wear what she wants,” one user said. “And shut up. Nobody asked you anything.”

“She could walk around in a bedsheet and people would still find something to pick on,” another said. “This is why other people have confidence issues because there’s always someone like you making something out of nothing.”

This type of criticism hasn’t stopped Winter from posting eye-popping pics before, and we doubt that will change:

As for Hyland, her Instagram feed proves that she definitely doesn’t always dress like Alex Dunphy.