Ariel Winter Heats Up 'Rogue' Magazine, Blasts Body Shamers Once Again

The 'Modern Family' star just can't catch a break.
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Ariel Winter is going rogue on body shamers.

For her cover story for Rogue magazine, the 18-year-old Modern Family star again sounded off on the near constant vitriol thrown her way by the media and lame Internet trolls.

"It's called being a woman in the industry. It's complete sexism," Winter said. "It's really degrading, annoying and sad that this is what the media puts out, it's disgusting to me."

When will the madness stop?

But don't think she can't take the heat. Winter told Rogue why she continues to post such racy material to the 'gram, despite an endless barrage of hate:

At this stage, you get sort of jaded after a certain period of time. I feel like I've been in the industry for so long that I have gotten to that point where people's comments and the exposure doesn't bother me as much. It still bothers people when you get negative feedback for something, but it doesn't hit me as hard as it would somebody just entering the industry.

And just one of these sultry shots by Irvin Rivera should deal a death blow to Winter's critics once and for all.