Arsenic Magazine is Killing It With These 15 Lethally Sexy Photos

These sultry, crowd-sourced shots are easy to swallow.
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As adamant as we are about the enduring importance of print, the disrupters at Arsenic Magazine are onto something.

Without an actual magazine (or budget, really), Arsenic crowdsources its content through social media, inviting photographer, writers and bombshell models of all stripes to submit material, with the lure of gaining exposure to its one million Instagram followers.

Even if their democratized strategy has resulted in a somewhat nebulous brand identity (Playboy for the Snapchat set, maybe?), it's allowed for one hell of an Instagram presence. Featuring sexy, impromptu and oftentimes bizarre photography, it's the kind of raw stuff that wouldn't make it onto a traditional print publication.

Below, browse some of the sexiest and wildest shots from Arsenic's intriguing Instagram account:

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