Ashleigh Hannah Is the Australian Beauty We Never Knew We Needed

Get to know the stunner from down under.

Ashleigh Hannah is the Australian beauty we never knew we needed. The 24-year-old model's got a major boost at the end of 2015 when she joined the ranks of Playboy's Cybergirls in September, and from the looks of it, her star is only going to rise higher and higher.

"I like to say that my favorite thing about my body is my mind,” she said in September. "I'm a very sensual person, and if you want to be with me, you've got to know my mind and be intuitive to my needs. Know your way around my body, and don't be afraid to tell me what you want. Above all, leave your inhibitions at the door."

We believe it. Check out @ashleighannah on Instagram and see for yourself.

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