Ashley Benson Instagrams Bikini Pic From Her “Spring Breakers” Audition

So let’s take another look at her Maxim photo shoot.

Not that we’ve ever actually watched Pretty Little Liars or anything (and we totally don’t have very strong opinions on Mona Vanderwaal, that monster), but we’ve always been big fans of star Ashley Benson. We do admit to loving Spring Breakers, because a) it’s gloriously, knowingly ridiculous and b) you know, bikinis and suchlike. It seems Ashley’s still very fond of the movie, too, because she just posted the above picture from her audition on . And if you think that’s hot, you should check out Ashley Benson’s super sexy Maxim photo shoot from our April 2013 issue. Is it time to hit the beach yet?

*looks out window at endless barrage of freezing sleet*

Oh. Okay. Well, back to looking at these photos.

Photographed for Maxim by Chris Fortuna | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

Photos by Instagram